Switched to v0.121.2

Rick Ramstetter
I’ve switched from GatsbyJS to gohugo. This new version of the site uses the Vimux/Mainroad Hugo theme. I’ve made a few modifications to the workings of the Mainroad theme, and you can find those modifications in the Github repository for this site. GatsbyJS is complicated: GraphQL, React, tens of other javascript dependencies, and the npm ecosystem to wrangle them all. In the worst case, making a new post in GatsbyJS requires updating npm, updating gatsby, considering security warnings, updating dependencies, and, finally, writing content.

Switched to GatsbyJS v2.11

Rick Ramstetter
The old version of was created with GatsbyJS version 0, which dates to 2016. That software is no longer maintained, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to make updates. Gatsby, Bootstrap, Netlify This new version is also using GatsbyJS, but version 2.11. The site is using Bootstrap among others for CSS. I’m hosting it on Netlify. DNS is (as previously) on Cloudflare. The sources are hosted in Github. I’ve got a CircleCI job running.