Past Clients

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Before I became a Meteorcomm employee in 2022, I relied on the positive feedback of my consulting clients for success. This is what those clients had to say:


Meteorcomm, LLC.

Meteorcomm is the railroad industry’s trusted source of innovative wireless communications and train control technology.

“Rick provided 6 well-documented merge requests (MRs) on concerns found in the [⚠️redacted]. The MRs included both a description of the found issue and the action the [⚠️redacted] team took to advance progress on integrating the software into the [⚠️redacted] product. Several were actual code changes that could be incorporated into [⚠️redacted]. At least one was a simple stop-gap that required deeper action from the [⚠️redacted] team.”
      –Dave H., Director, Product Development


Spot AI, Inc.

Spot AI builds a modern AI Camera System to create safer workplaces and smarter operations for every organization.

“…quickly picked up GoLang…”
      –Tanuj T., CTO

Safran Group

Safran Group, S.A.

Safran S.A. is a French multinational aircraft engine, rocket engine, aerospace-component and defense company. I worked for their division engaged in in-flight entertainment (IFE) and connectivity.

Rick Astley RickRoll on an RDU screen

I was a big fan of Safran’s seatback RDU units. They never let me down.

Debugging MDIO

Debugging MDIO on a Safran RDU

Debugging MDIO

Debugging MDIO on a Safran RDU

Linux driver for a bug affecting ~20,000 shipped units

“… Reduced passenger initiated resets by 10%. …”
      – Sam Carswell, Co-CTO, Zodiac Inflight Innovations (now Safran Passenger Innovations)

Seat actuation controllers

“Our work with Rick involved low level communications between an RS-485 seat actuation system and our IFE System. Under an extremely tight schedule for one of our most important customers, Rick provided a software solution that met our customer’s needs with a high degree of quality. The requirements for this software were fluid and Rick was agile enough to update the design and implementation to meet the new requirements in a timely manner while communicating effect with stakeholders.”
      – John Aoki, Sr. Software Manager, Safran Passenger Innovations

Multicast in-flight content distribution

“Rick is an outstanding software engineer. I worked with him both on a team which I was leading as well as together on a team as co-equals. Rick invest in himself to improve his abilities by seeking to learn the best way to accomplish a task. He is highly knowledgeable, capable of working on his own or working within a team.”
      – David Diepenbrock, Technical Lead, Safran Passenger Innovations Content Load 2 team

“Rick is one of our top developers… He works hard and develops top quality code. He doesn’t shy away from working on code he’s not familiar with…”
      – Kevin Benson, SW Eng, Safran Passenger Innovations Platform team


MyGnar, Inc. (DBA Gnarbox)

Gnarbox was the world’s first mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing HD footage.

They needed a platform device driver to control a USB port mux based on the status of GPIO/interrupt lines. I authored this driver, in addition to helping with various other low-level issues. Though this startup is defunct, they were a lot of fun to work for.

USB power driver control

“… The mux switch and gpio config are out in the field with a few thousand users and still going strong, so well done…”
      – Mike Lemmon, CTO, Gnarbox (MyGnar Inc)