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I rely on the positive feedback of my clients for success. This is what they’ve had to say:

Safran S.A. is a French multinational aircraft engine, rocket engine, aerospace-component and defense company

Linux driver for a bug affecting ~20,000 shipped units

“… Reduced passenger initiated resets by 10%. …”\

      — Sam Carswell, Co-CTO, Zodiac Inflight Innovations (now Safran Passenger Innovations)

Seat actuation controllers

“Our work with Rick involved low level communications between an RS-485 seat actuation system and our IFE System. Under an extremely tight schedule for one of our most important customers, Rick provided a software solution that met our customer’s needs with a high degree of quality. The requirements for this software were fluid and Rick was agile enough to update the design and implementation to meet the new requirements in a timely manner while communicating effect with stakeholders.”
— John Aoki, Sr. Software Manager, Safran Passenger Innovations

Multicast in-flight content distribution

“Rick is an outstanding software engineer. I worked with him both on a team which I was leading as well as together on a team as co-equals. Rick invest in himself to improve his abilities by seeking to learn the best way to accomplish a task. He is highly knowledgeable, capable of working on his own or working within a team.“\

      — David Diepenbrock, Technical Lead, Safran Passenger Innovations Content Load 2 team

On-wing device platform modernization

“Rick is one of our top developers… He works hard and develops top quality code. He doesn’t shy away from working on code he’s not familiar with…“\

      — Kevin Benson, SW Eng, Safran Passenger Innovations Platform team

Gnarbox, the world’s first mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing HD footage, needed a platform device driver to control a USB port mux based on the status of GPIO/interrupt lines. I authored this driver in addition to helping with various other low-level issues.

USB power driver control

“… The mux switch and gpio config are out in the field with a few thousand users and still going strong, so well done…”\

      — Mike Lemmon, CTO, Gnarbox (MyGnar Inc)

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