I’m still booked. I am not currently seeking other opportunities.

With this post, I have upgraded the site to Gatsby 3.6.2

I’m booked through at least Q2 2021 and unable to accept new work.

Skills & Competencies


I have proven my ability to solve problems in varied and new-to-me domains numerous times. Regardless, every professional develops a set of core competencies. Mine are as follows:


Client Feedback

WorkZodiac AerospaceSafran

I rely on the positive feedback of my clients for success. This is what they’ve had to say:


New Site


Information about the new version of Ramstetter.com, which went live in April 2020.

The old version of Ramstetter.com was created with GatsbyJS version 0, which dates to 2016. That software is no longer maintained, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to make updates.


Open Source

WorkFOSSOpen SourcelicenseMITGPLBSD

I’m trying to increase my upstream commits. After years of working for companies for whom FOSS is a secondary priority, I’d like to contribute more. Here’s a summary of my upstreamed commits: