About Rick

Rick Ramstetter

Rick lives in Vancouver, WA, USA with his wife and son.

Rick has spent significant time backpacking on both the Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails, as evidenced by the numerous photos of him looking like a hippy which are easily found on Google.

Rick holds a MSc degree from Rutgers University and a BSc degree from the University of California, Irvine.

Rick has academic interests in multicast routing protocols, security as applied to networked and embedded systems, and kernel I/O and CPU scheduling.

About Anteater LLC

A cropped photo of an anteater, used as Anteater LLC's logo.

Anteater LLC was formed by Rick in the US state of Washington in 2015. It carries $1,000,000usd in professional liability insurance, is solely owned by Rick, and is fully licensed under all applicable state laws. Anteater LLC is maintained as a distinct entity and is the party of record in all contractual and financial matters involving Rick.

Anteater LLC maintains a basic lab to facilitate low level electronics work. On-site equipment includes a fast transient variable DC power supply, oscilloscopes, a protocol analyzer, soldering and desoldering equipment, a microscope, a Segger JTAG programmer, and static discharge protections.